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Skills and Career for Youth (SKY)

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About us

Skills and Career for Youth (SKY) is a society under Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) , founded in 2015. This society is a student-led organization which aims to promote career awareness among university students in the United Kingdom. Throughout the years, we are gaining recognition around the UK since our programs and events are hugely beneficial to the students. This recognition encourages us to keep on pushing and achieve our aim every year.


We have three flagships events for you to get involved!

  • Career Empowerment Day (CED)

An event that serves as an opportunity for students to explore career options and network with employers. This event is a career-based day which offers students to participate in workshops, mock interviews and networking session.

  • Policy-Making Competition (PMC)

A policy-making session which encourages students to examine and current issues in Malaysia. The participants can develop and improve critical thinking and communication skills upon joining this event.

  • Sembang SKY (Sky Talk)

Forum-based event but everyone can share their ideas and thoughts. The topic is based on the latest news or topics in Malaysia or revolves around the world.


These three events are interactive, aiding students in building their self-confidence, as well as developing and polishing interpersonal skills. These skills will be the essential starter pack upon entering the workforce. Most importantly, these events aiming to promote awareness among the younger generation on their responsibility in building the nation.

Despite the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, our team strives to adapt and assimilate to the new normal by converting most of our events to virtual events, aligned to our vision of making our initiatives more accessible to all students in the UK.


For further information, go to our website or our social media for the latest updates and exciting events soon!

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