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UKEC Law Fair 2020

Attention all law students!

UKEC is proud to announce its Law Fair 2020, and we in LUMSOC has received special information on you can you book a place to secure a spot in the event!!!

Would you like a chance to talk 1-on-1 with the law course institution of your dream?

#UKEC #Law Fair 2020 will give you just that!

Here is how you should book correctly on the website:

  1. If you are making an INDIVIDUAL BOOKING: you must only book ONE date and time per provider

  2. If you are making a GROUP BOOKING: ONE of you must book only ONE date and time and then contact UKEC via their email:

**This must be done at least 3 days in advance of the event, and when you do it, please provide them with the following details:

  • Names of the people in your group

  • Email Address

  • Whatsapp contact number

  • Current University

  • Current Year

Once you completed with the registration, UKEC will contact all students with their allocated zoom link, date, and time. Along with reminder emails and attendance confirmation calls.

***This event is limited and students are asked to NOT book more than one slot per provider. In doing so, we will cancel all tickets should they book multiple tickets for one provider.

Below are the links for the registration website for you to get going with the registration

14 November - The City Law School, ULaw, UWE Bristol, MMU

21 November - BPP University, NTU, Cardiff University, Northumbria University

28 November - BPP University, The City Law School, MMU, NTU

5 December - Cardiff University, ULaw, UWE Bristol, Northumbria University

Grab your tickets now!!!

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