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President Note

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Time flies. When I first arrived in Leeds, I would have never thought I would go this far. As a student here, I have met a lot of Malaysians, and I have learnt a lot; from how different Malaysian Chinese people speak in different regions to learning a bit of Kelate. In this society I had built bonds with many, and I would not have been this motivated to strive for better if not for this group of people that constantly support me.

During my freshers, I was introduced into LUMSOC, and I have not had any regrets from then. LUMSOC has also given me a chance to contribute to the Malaysian community in Leeds by giving me a role as shadow committee. The role had given me exposure to management and teamwork; during the span of my time there we had done a lot of events that received good reception from our members and non-members. My first event was the first Give It A Go (GIAG 1.0), where the theme of the event was the tourism and culture of Malaysia. We received good feedback from the attendees; we were told that we had good food and that the events were really interactive. However there was still room for improvement in terms of attendance and the flow of the events. We learnt from our mistakes and applied that new knowledge to the events following the year ahead. This allowed our GIAG 2.0 to be especially successful. In our GIAG 2.0 we kept the success we had in our GIAG 1.0 such as the good food, the interactive info boards, as well as the traditional games open for our members to learn. On top of that we had performances and a hands-on Malaysian food cooking lesson. It was a great time for the attendees, which is what we always attempt to give to our members in LUMSOC.

As the President for the year of 2020/2021, I hope we could retain the success that we’ve had from previous years and improve from it. I have set out a few priorities for myself to improve LUMSOC: (1) LUMSOC will promote and try to do more career related events.

(2) We will obtain better sponsorship and also more benefits for our members.

(3) I hope we could unite all Malaysians from different backgrounds and work better with other societies in Leeds to promote Malaysian culture.

The career events will focus on the needs of the Malaysians in Leeds. We will start by organising talks and forums by inviting alumni as our speakers. This will greatly give the current students an insight of life after graduation from the university. We believe that this is of the upmost priority of everyone in LUMSOC, as we came to this university hoping for a good job prospect in the future. These events will also foster connections and hence be highly beneficial for our members.

The previous committees have done a great job to obtain some really good sponsors for us -- however I believe we could do better by obtaining even more benefits for our members, in order to improve the quality of our events as well as the value of our membership.

The founding stone of LUMSOC is to cater to the needs of the Malaysians in Leeds. We in LUMSOC will work harder to unite all Malaysians from different backgrounds. The new committee would also like to open up opportunities to our members to host events that they like in LUMSOC’s name, as we believe everyone should be given the chance to explore their creativity and ideas. We in LUMSOC believe this is a good way for like-minded people to come together and share ideas for the Malaysian community in Leeds.

I am looking to serve this community and help everyone who needs my assistance. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if needed.

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