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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Author: Daniel Fong, Development and Welfare Officer

We all know how much of a headache accomadation can be for university students. Hopefully this summary can alleviate some of that pain. For university of Leeds students choosing to go with private accommodations, the areas that are usually occupied are Burley, Headingley, Hyde Park, Far Woodhouse and City Centre, and this article aims to summarize and highlight the pros and cons of each area.

Universities area

One of the most ideal location for Malaysian students to stay.


  • It is literally minutes away from university facilities.

  • Many restaurants nearby offer a student discount or are at a student-friendly price.


  • Maybe a little pricey due to its location

Popular Area for Malaysian : Hyde Terrace, Blenheims

City center

This location is popular among young professionals, and Malaysians with abit of budget.


  • It provides the best convenience with numerous facilities with a wide range

  • It's only 10 minutes’ walk to the university campus


  • It may be pricey due to its location

  • It may be hard to find properties willing to lend to students

  • It’s an uphill road to the university campus

  • It may be too noisy as it is filled with nightlife activities

Popular Area for Malaysian: Central Village


Intro: This is one of the most popular places for students to stay at, although most of them being at the Leeds-Beckett University Headingley campus. That said, it is a popular place which provides great convenience for students


  • It provides a great number of shops including restaurants, entertainments and such which is comparable to the city center

  • It’s a hot spot for students so it is relatively safe


  • It takes more than 30 minutes to walk from Headingley to the university campus

  • During peak hour, it might have a bit of traffic hence the bus might not be on time sometimes

  • A total of 937 cases of crime has happened in this area (May-19 - Apr-20)

Hyde Park

Intro: this is one of the most popular places for students, being in a very strategic location, and is famous for the Woodhouse Moor


  • It’s very close to the university, it takes around 14-15 minutes to walk to university ground

  • A lot of cheap convenience with numerous facilities with a wide range of facilities.


  • It’s quite sketchy to walk alone at night in the Hyde Park area

  • A total of 638 cases of crime has happened in this area (May-19 - Apr-20)


Intro: Burley is a suburb area of Leeds, popular among students and young professionals.


  • The distance between Burley to the city centre is relatively close

  • The distance to the university campus is no longer than a 20-minute walk depending on the location of the house

  • In terms of shopping wise, the location provides great convenience with numerous food options, shopping and entertainment options as well

  • Burley Park is a great location for some simple leisure activities

  • There are multiple bus routes from Burley to the city center


  • The road to the university campus is uphill

  • Burley Park may not be safe to be at after dark

  • A total of 1,323 cases of crime has happened in this area (May-19 - Apr-20)

Popular Area for Malaysian: Accommodation along Burley Road

Far Woodhouse

Intro: Being close to the university, this is a very popular place for students to stay at


  • It’s very close to the university campus, being not more than a 10-minute walk


  • There are not many facilities around the area unless it’s close to the university

  • A total of 1,094 cases of crime has happened in this area (May-19 - Apr-20)

  • It’s kind of creepy to walk alone across the parks at night

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