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Global Careers APAC week

Hey everyone! Looking for resources on working abroad? Or inspirational webinars to help you identify the opportunities? University of Leeds Career Centre is running a Global Careers APAC week!!! And there is a special corner for Asia-Pacific country students--That's US!!!

For more info about the APAC week and many other Careers events for international students or students who would like to work abroad, visit our Global Careers page:

***Go to the Asia Pacific section and look at the events!!!

***One of the events is run by Winston Liew one of our Malaysian Alumni see below:

Winston Liew, who is from Malaysia and who graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Leeds in 2011, will share his tips and advice about how to stand out and make the most out of the studies in the UK. Winston is a super engaging, motivational and highly energetic speaker and has lots to share! Winston was one of the British Council Study UK Alumni Awards 2020 finalists, being selected from 1,000s of other alumni for his amazing records of achievements.

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