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Malaysians of Leeds


My passion for cooking started when I was really young. I am the youngest of 13 siblings, 4 of them being girls and the rest are boys. When I was little I used to go to the kitchen just so that I can watch my sisters cook. From there, I developed a passion for cooking and trying new food. As I grew older I started to watch Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen and a whole lot more cooking shows on Astro’s Asian Food Channel.


Music is a part of my life. Went to piano classes at 10yo and continue to play the trumpet in high school. Different people have different passion. Music is my passion. I joined a charity concert back in Kuching during the last summer break. I've realised that you will always find time for the things you love to do. Studying other fields won't stop you to be active in others. And hey it's winter break and I can play my trumpet more! (using mute of course. Not to make the neighbours banging the thin wall). Continue doing something you love and have a nice break everyone :)

Photo credits to DaniChen Photography

Amirul Afif


Krampuslauf in Munich, Germany.

We came here unexpecting anything unusual from most of the cities around Europe, only to be surprised from an event that was held only in certain time nearing Christmas!

We were lucky because we arrived in Munich on the day the Krampus Festival was held.
Krampus is like the opposite entity of Santa Claus. If Santa is the one to give presents to good kids, Krampus is the devil who whip bad kids for their wrongdoings throughout the year. I guess they came up with this idea to ensure that their kids behave well all year round.


"It all started when we decided to attend MASSOC (Malaysian and Singaporean Society)’s Give-it-a-go event. As we entered the room and made ourselves comfortable- munching on the delicious (and free!) mihun and kuih beras, more people filed in and soon we were surrounded by scores of friendly strangers.


Being the self-contradicting- shy yet “eager” beavers, we anxiously looked around the room, looking for people to talk to. There was one girl who was looking around the room cautiously- we later found that she had arrived at the event herself and was as shy as we were. We locked eyes and it just “clicked”. This was our first Chinese Malaysian friend in Leeds, Wen, and did we know that this little meeting would bloom into a friendship that is so much more.

With our awkward personalities it’s no question that things started out wobbly. Thankfully, the ice started to break as we got competitive on a quiz about Malaysian/Singaporean traditions. What was supposed to be a casual night out however was interrupted by the fire alarm.


"I invited some of my non-Malaysian friends over to taste some Malaysian food today. Everybody loves food. Food can break the ice and allows us to know each other’s culture as food dissipates the barrier of awkwardness.

Why did I choose to make rendang today? Well rendang is your best buddy because it is one of the most awesome dish in the world and I believe it represents Malaysia as a whole. It is spicy, sweet and somehow unique.But most important of all it’s packed with a bunch of succulent flavor. Just like how Malaysians are.

My friends loved it even if their face went red and sweating through the spiciness of the legendary Rendang Tok. It’s a quirky change from the boring ol’ fish and chips.

But hey, it’s cool to try something new.

Azri May


"I never really sang in public before, always preferring to just sing to myself instead. But, I decided to just try my luck and join MVOICE anyway (it helped a lot that I has such a talented partner!) And to be completely honest, it was quite spontaneous that Syakira and I decided to enter.

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"I started playing the guitar and drums when I went to music classes at the age of 11. I'm not that pro at playing the guitar though, because I'm not so fond of it. I just use it as a company when I sing. I always sing, just never actually in front of people, until last year's Ladies Night where my friend Najwa gave out my name to do an acoustic performance. Well, I joined *MVOICE because WHY NOT.

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Friends would tell me about their trips during term breaks. They all sounded wonderful and exciting. I was 17 then. Never had a passport. Never been on a plane. Never been to Penang. Never been anywhere. My life was pretty much centered around studying.

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I started cooking last night. You need to plan early when you do things like this. It's part of business. This time, we're selling *nasi lemak for *NISE fundraising. It took me four hours just to cook the *sambal alone yesterday. In the morning,  we cooked the coconut rice and fried the marinated chickens. Right now I'm squeezing coconut milk from fresh coconut. Fresh food is the best.

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