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2016/2017 EVENTS

Laser Tag

A day of laser tag games to be held with the purpose of strengthening the bond between Malaysians in Leeds. It will be held at Laserzone Leeds from 6pm onwards with the target of 40 students. We will divide the students into four groups and this will be one of the ways to encourage students to work efficiently when working in a group. This game will also challenge their creativity as they have to come up with strategies in order to win for the game.


19th Nov 2016


Lazer Zone

Brown Bag

LUMSOC is hosting brown bag meeting. It is a casual meeting that occurs during a lunch period. This type of meeting is referred to as a brown bag meeting because participants bring their own lunches to the meeting. The meeting typically takes place in the workplace, usually in a training room or conference room.- Investopedia


The whole point of having this session is to expose students to other learning opportunities outside of their academic life.


9th Nov 2016


Costa Blackwells


A program organised by the Leeds University Union in which the clubs and societies registered can introduce and promote themselves and their activities to all students of the university.


This term, the theme that we chose is ‘The Difference of Malaysia’, with the aim to let people discover the uniqueness of Malaysia.

Come over and have a taste of our local food and local celebrations. Bring your friends along! Show them the beauty of Malaysian culture. See you


2nd Nov 2016


LUU Room 4 and Room 6

Leeds Malaysian Games

Together with MASSOC and KULB, LUMSOC is hosting Leeds Malaysian Games. Students from the UK, EU and Ireland are all welcome to join  our games and food festival. Various games are available, such as FIFA16, Congkak, Badminton, Basketball and Netball. 

We are also opening food stalls that are offering our infamous nasi lemak, nasi kerabu and many more. Do come and join us!


23rd Oct 2016



The Edge


Power League

Food Festival


Shadow Committee

For the first time in its’ history, LUMSOC will be planning to have its’ own Shadow Committee to help with the management of the society throughout the academic year.


The Shadow Committee selection will be done through interviews done by the committee members. Each member of the Shadow Committee will be holding a specified portfolio that may not necessarily tie them to only one officer in the committee.


19th Oct 2016


Business School, Maurice Keyworth, SR 1.06

Foster Family

Foster family programme is a collaborative programme between LUMSOC and MSCL that targets to bring the Malaysians in Leeds closer despite of the age gap.


It is an ongoing project which runs until spring break. Any continuation of the programme will be on the agreement between the family and freshers.

With this, we aim to build a sense of belonging on the undergraduates


16th Oct 2016


Leeds Grand Mosque

Freshers' Weekend

A weekend designated for the freshers to meet and mingle with each other and returning students. They will be introduced to LUU Student Exec and LUMSOC committee. 


As a tradition, they will tour around City Center on the 2nd day  through a series of exciting mission followed by lunch, provided by LUMSOC.


1st & 2nd Oct 2016


Worsley Building

City Centre

Hyde Park

Eid Adha Celebration

A collaboration between KULB, MSCL and LUMSOC brought the Malaysians together f for the new term 2016/2017. Freshers will have a glimpse of the returning students as well as the Malaysian families in Leeds.

Food will be served to perfection. Everyone will have a taste of home. This is one f the best gathering that MaLeedsians await every year. 


24th Sept 2016



Woodsley Community Centre

Freshers Fair

Freshers' Week is an exciting week. With societies and clubs decorating their booth beautifully and distributing freebies, freshers and returning students couldn't help but to feel welcome. 

LUMSOC serves all students from Malaysia to Uganda. Local goods will be given to those who stop by.


21st Sept 2016



Riley Smith, Leeds University Union

Summer Charity Programme

With the donation collected during summer 2016, LUMSOC will bring 27 orphans from Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Darul Aminan to Petrosains.


The objective of the program is to emphasize on the importance of education to the children as well as to instill empathy among the volunteers and LUMSOC members.


13th August 2016



Petrosains, KLCC

Solat Hajat

With examinations around the corner, LUMSOC collaborated with KULB for a spiritual gathering. Students ranging from first years to final years, are welcome to have a break from studying.


The gathering is layback and relaxing. 


7th Jan 2017


Room 6, LUU

Chinese New Year

It's the year of Rooster! Together with MASSOC and KULB, LUMSOC is hosting Chinese New Year. 

We have our traditional yee sang, chinese fried rice and some vegetarian noodles. Do come and join us! Play some games and have a break before class starts on Monday.


29th Jan 2017




Nisa' Nasheed Extravaganza is LUMSOC's traditional all-female event. We have it yearly, welcoming female students from different universities and race.

The event focuses on Nasheed, Photography and Short Story Competition. This year we are featuring something new. We have NED talk.

 This year the theme is World Peace. All profit gained from the event will be given to a voluntary organisation, Perantau Cakna.


Check out their website to get more information



4th Feb 2017


Riley Smith Hall


PAN is coming to Leeds! Projek Amanat Negara XIV is a platform for Malaysian students in the UK to voice out their opinions. PAN is UKEC's big event.


As the University of the Year 2017, Leeds University was chosen as the host. There are many activities, with breakout sessions available for all students to attend. Everyone is welcome. The event is free!

Join us and have a chance to meet Founder and Group CEO of Air Asia, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Click the button below to find our more!


11th Feb 2017


Conference Auditorium 2


A sports event where Malaysians can come and play a variety of sport games along with fellow Malaysians for fun. This event will be a collaboration between Kelab Umno Leeds Bradford and LUMSOC.


It will be held at Leeds Gryphon from 11am till 3pm. Games that will be held are futsal, badminton, volleyball and board games. We will implement the concept of grouping and knockout for all the games. This event aims to provide Malaysians a platform to release their stress after the examinations as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.


26th Feb 2017




World Unite Festival is an event that aims to introduce the diverse culture of Malaysia to all nations of the world.


This would also encourage our students to be proud being part of Malaysia and therefore to act as small ambassadors by promoting to non-Malaysians the experience of what it feels like to be Malaysian through traditional arts and crafts, games, food and clothing.


4th March 2017


LUU Room 6

Give - It - A - Go Spring

A programme organised by the Leeds University Union in which the clubs and societies registered can introduce and promote themselves and their activities to all students of the university.


This will be an opportunity given by the university to promote our society which basically promotes Malaysia’s culture in Leeds University. This term, the theme that we chose is ‘Childhood Memories’, with the aim to let people discover the uniqueness of Malaysia.


8th March 2017


LUU Room 6

Bachelorette Escapade

A workshop focusing on the need of soft skills that every woman should have in their life in order to make each of them to be well prepared in every circumstances.


This workshop will be a collaboration with Brunei Society and will be focusing on the steps when in emergency for their own safety.


11th March 2017


Worseley Building, Room 9.8c

LUMIA 2.0 Travel

A trip for LUMSOC members as well as other Malaysian students from various universities around United Kingdom during spring break with an aim to educate people while travelling.


Participants will learn about the historical values and culture of the places visited and to make them to appreciate more of the places they visit.


11th-15th April 2017


The Balkans

Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the society’s constitution, LUMSOC holds its Annual General Meeting, typically around the end of the academic year, around March or April.


The main purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to elect the new committee members who are going to manage the society and serve its members for the upcoming term. Furthermore, the Annual General Meeting is also a platform for the members to bring up any issues or concerns related to the running of the society.


20th April 2017


Weston Lecture, Business School

Appreciation and Awards Night

A grand dinner to celebrate the committee members, and to all those who have been major contributors for LUMSOC for the year and the final year students who will be graduating.  An award giving ceremony will be held as well for LUMSOC members.


23rd April 2017


The Hilton

Leeds Malaysian Family Day

An event organised by Malaysian Students and Community of Leeds (MSCL) in collaboration with LUMSOC and KULB. This event gathers every Malaysians in Leeds where many exciting games were planned.


6th May 2017


Argie Avenue, Eden Mount Kirkstall

Solat Hajat & Khatam Al-Quran

With the upcoming June examinations, LUMSOC in collaboration with KULB organised a Solat Hajat, Yaasin recitation and Khatam Al-Quran. Students ranging from first years to final years are welcomed to this event.




12th May 2017


Union Room 6

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